Fantastic Music!!!

Stupendous Langos!!!

Representatives from Esquimalt High School, the Esquimalt Alumni Association and Rainbow Kitchen volunteers set up a booth together during this event in a three way fundraiser.

Our booth sold homemade LANGOS. What are langos?? Back east we call them Beaver Tails!  Big – flat – fluffy – toasty warm pastry mixed with that blend of cinnamon and sugar whose aroma filled your mom’s kitchen every holiday.

First you start with that ball of pastry – then you flatten it while gyrating to the music of the bands – then sink it in boiling oil – and smother it with herbs. EAT and enjoy!  Yum!!!

Despite the rain this year – all three groups managed to raise $1200 each. Guess those LANGOs are even better than we thought.

Check out some of the photos here (click to enlarge):