One thing Rainbow Kitchen has always been good at is meeting needs. Yes, we serve lunch daily and many find their hunger alleviated because of this. We also ensure a safe and welcoming environment for anyone who walks through the doors. These are priorities we hold in high regard and work hard to ensure they stay out priority.

The funny thing about what people need is that it will shift and change as time goes by. The amount of sleep I needed in college was much different than what I need now with a career, a family, hobbies, and volunteer roles.

The same can be said about food security in our community. Rainbow Kitchen began once a week to serve a good meal to local people, because they saw a need and could meet it. We are now discovering what needs there are that we can meet now that we maybe couldn’t before.

What does this look like for us? It looks like sharing extra food resources with other community groups. It looks like us taking some of the things we have learned over the years and passing them on to help others set up their own food security systems. It looks like us collaborating with many stakeholders to ensure the landscape of food security is accessible to all. All the while we can keep serving the healthy, hot meals alongside a hot cup of locally roasted coffee (thanks ERC). 

Rainbow Kitchen is a place where thousands come each year to find warmth from food and friends. It is also becoming a place where food flows out of to ensure people all over the CRD have safe, consistent access to good food. 

Join us as we lean into new ventures and see needs met like never before.