In year 2011 Kim found herself in a shelter trying to conquer her addictions while seeking permanent housing. Shortly after, she moved to Esquimalt and a few years later started to volunteer at Rainbow Kitchen. It was 4 years ago we met Kim and 3 years now since she started coming in every day with the responsibility of opening and starting Rainbow Kitchen’s day – unlocking doors, making coffee, setting up the hall etc.
A simple thing that “makes me feel SOOO good”, she says knowing that she’s trusted. From being afraid to step outside her house, Kim finally started “coming out of her shell” and that’s all due to the Kitchen. Coming in daily, opening the hall, helping sort and organize donations, socializing – it’s been the Rainbow Kitchen that has helped her reunite with her family — bringing her grandmother, her daughters and a very young grandchild back together. Every day, the Kitchen helped her and every day, Kim grew stronger and stronger.
Kim is highly trusted by Rainbow Kitchen staff and volunteers as well is heavily relied on for her organizational abilities and willingness to do ‘whatever needs doing’.
Now, we are SO happy for Kim as she has integrated in the workforce over the last year, but we MISS her very much! However, she hasn’t completely left volunteering with us as she still has keys and sets up once a week, on her day off!