Take the initiative and fundraise within your community!

FUNdraising is easy and it is FUN! You can do this as an individual, organization or as a company. A community inspired fundraising event would be an event organized and recruited by you, your organization, your company or your community. Rainbow Kitchen would be the beneficiary of the full or partial proceeds; thanks to your initiative! We appreciate you wanting to host an event, and although we cannot recruit Rainbow Kitchen staff or volunteers to help, we would be more than happy to promote the community event by offering the following

  • Provide the use of Rainbow Kitchen’s name and high resolution logo .
  • Issue tax receipts for donations of $10 or more. Please be sure to gather information from the donor such as full name; amount donated; how it was donated; address.
  • We will share your community event on our website, Facebook, Newsletter (if one is coming out prior to event), and notify our email subscribers.
  • Help you find the best community fundraising event for you, your organization, your company or your community to host.

Looking for some fundraising ideas?!

Here are few to think about!

  • Do a non-perishable food drive (Please see our list of needs on our donation page)
  • Do a toiletry drive (razors, bars of soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, toothbrushes, toothpaste)
  • Do a sock drive – the thick strong ones are the best! Some of our guests walk many miles in their socks and always appreciate a strong and warm pair of socks.
  • Host a party at your house or partner up with a restaurant – full or partial ticket sales would benefit Rainbow Kitchen.
  • Host a community dinner at Rainbow Kitchen’s location.
  • Host a holiday community dinner, event or gala.
  • Have a bake sale, craft sale, garage sale.
  • Take over an existing event or fundraising idea Rainbow Kitchen has started (example: Oktoberfest).

Not seeing anything you like? We would love to hear your ideas!

Rainbow Kitchen’s Policies in regards to a fundraising event:

  • The host or organizer of the event will be 100% responsible for all costs incurred. Rainbow Kitchen will not be able to reimburse any costs associated with equipment, food, renting fees, prizes, etc.
  • Although Rainbow Kitchen will promote the event, Rainbow Kitchen will not be held liable to sell tickets in order for the event to proceed.
  • Unless otherwise notified, all funds raised will go towards Rainbow Kitchen’s greatest needs at that time

For more information, please contact Patrick Johnstone at directorrainbowkitchen (at) gmail (dot) com or +1.778.867.8485. He will help get you started!