Groups & Companies

Thank you for considering us for your next volunteer experience!

We look forward to seeing you and creating stronger community bonds.

If you do not see anything you like, please do not hesitate to fill out an application and suggest what you and your group would like to do!

Along with your application, please submit up to 3 dates labelled “Group Volunteer Opportunity” from our events calendar.  Sometimes dates fill quickly and we need a few to work with.

Here are some suggestions for volunteering with us:


Veggie prep (9 - 11:30 am)

Come join a team, Monday-Friday, chopping veggies for future use that week or for putting out on the free table – Free for anyone to take home!

After lunch tidy up (11:30 am - 2 pm)

This is a job where your group can ‘sweep’ in and help us clear all tables, wipe and sanitize tables and chairs, dishes, recycling. Basically help us with all those little jobs that can add up easily in time for one person. Depending on your organization and depending on the individuals within your group, this could take anywhere from 1 hour to 2.5 hours.

Gardening or Outside Work

This is always fun when the weather is sunny! We have opportunities for groups in our Community Garden.  During the spring and fall, we are always looking for groups to help us prepare or winterize our gardens. We also look for groups to help us trim plants and trees, sweep the sidewalks; give us an overall good outdoor clean so we can keep up our goal for healthy outdoor care and environment.

Sorting Produce

This job sounds easy, but can be a bit labour intensive! We run on generous donations from the community that surrounds us. We are constantly rotating foods that are coming in and going out.  We enjoy a group who is willing to totally empty our fridge space of produce and dairy. From there, we clean any product we will not use the remainder of the week and get it ready for the free table – for anyone to take home.

Organizing Donations & Inventory

The dungeon – dun, dun, dun! This place is the beholder of many donations that are non perishable. We have a large area downstairs where we  store non-perishables as well as where our freezers are kept. This area requires consistent care and rotation.  If your group feels like they have good muscles and eyes that can see fine print, then this would be a good spot.  Don’t worry, we always make sure no one misses breaks or lunch!

Independent After Hours Meal Preparation

This one is a favourite for many. Although your group wouldn’t be volunteering with any of Rainbow Kitchen’s volunteers or guests, you get the run of our kitchen.  This is a great opportunity for bonding and team building for any group or organization.  There are two ways this happens: 1. Your group would come up with a meal and donate all ingredients or; 2. Your group would come in and make a meal we already have the ingredients for. These meals are stored for a day when in need or possibly the next day’s service.

Odd Labour

Sometimes we need something fixed, sometimes we need something painted. If your group has a skill set that they would like to share, let us know! We will share with you what we are looking to have fixed, replaced, etc.

Deep Cleaning

 I know that we may not clean our own homes quite this much, but here we do our best to stay on top of it all!  Deep cleaning means defrosting the freezers and sanitizing the inside, washing the walk-in cooler top to bottom, washing and sanitizing the chairs on a regular basis, washing baseboards, bleaching coffee mugs etc.  If your group enjoys working independently, this would be a great task!