Barry, retired, watching his TV, and bored with his life took his neighbour, Trucker‘s, advice and came to the Kitchen for lunch one day. He stayed to help with the dishes. That was just the beginning and now, Barry is the Kitchen‘s ‘unofficial odd job man’ (officially, the Produce Manager and Food Coordinator): helping set up tables at 0730 daily; making coffee; sorting both fresh foods in the cooler to tins in the basement; supervising and training students who have volunteered their services; and, of course, helping wash dishes when required.

As Barry says, you come to the Kitchen and do the dishes once and ― end up doing just about everything! He wouldn’t have it any other way. He gives the Kitchen his time and his energy and the Kitchen gives back the enjoyment of people, guests and volunteers alike – rubbing shoulders with them, talking and laughing.

Barry‘s motto = Volunteering is GREAT.