December 3, 2021

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Rainbow Kitchen has been the recipient of some amazing support this fall from our friends at the Brighter Together Foundation. Arriving in the form of an essential equipment purchase of two brand new stand mixers, this generous donation will allow our dedicated teams that are baking up a storm for our local schools the ability to make batter faster. Making the task of making over 1000 mini muffins each week for local students with so much greater ease.

Brighter Together

Last month Rainbow Kitchen got a note from our amazing friends at the Brighter Together Foundation in Ontario, inquiring if there was an essential program that could use the support of some flexible funding, helping to assist in making a task or project easier or better or lighter in workload for our dedicated Volunteers each weekday. Staff jumped at the chance to work in partnership with this amazing foundation, helping support Rainbow Kitchen’s newest School Meal Program supporting two of our local schools.  

Advancing strategic plans to assist further into our local schools, Rainbow Kitchen successfully launched a School Breakfast Program in January of 2021 into one of our local schools, in September of 2021 this new program expanded to now provide over 2000 breakfast meals each month to our local Elementary & Middle Schools. Rainbow Kitchen took on this important new program in response to seeing how Covid-19 dramatically affected our neighbourhood, its students and families in need of additional support. 

Rainbow Kitchen receives no confirmed funding each year, leaving the responsibility of securing funding for each annual operating budget to the Executive Director. The purchase of new or exciting equipment is something that needs to be planned and fundraised for. Respecting our ‘Grassroots’ beginnings, teams at the Rainbow Kitchen understand how to be creative when it comes to making the magic happen, but when possible, having the right tool for the job can be such a time and energy saver. This is the case today with our friends from the Brighter Together Foundation, named so perfectly, as we really are so much brighter today for having been selected to work together this month helping Rainbow Kitchen secure some amazing new equipment.  

Two brand new ‘top of the line’ stand-mixers with additional mixing bowls was what our team proposed for this strategic partnership, and our friends at the Brighter Together Foundation have come through with help that will assist in making this new program of ours easier for years to come. With the exciting success of this program and as students and educators let us know how well received our offerings were our team understood in order to continue (or to expand further) a refining or advancing of our practices would have to take place as well. The assistance of purchasing these high quality mixers allows our teams of volunteers the ability to prepare batter and goods at a professional pace that will enable us to comfortably manage our current commitments and even possibly consider taking on more in the future as we continue to solidify our processes with these time saving tools. Rainbow Kitchen is so very lucky for this amazing donation. This quality equipment from the Brighter Together Foundation is a major first step to making our days easier, and assists our organization in establishing this program to be sustainable in the work required for years to come and future schools to be added when possible.

Please help us thank these amazingly hard working friends of ours and check out the other incredibly supportive programs that are making happen this year at

~ Team Rainbow Kitchen

Brighter Together Foundation Purchased Stand Mixers for Rainbow Kitchen

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