February 1, 2021

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Rainbow Kitchen Volunteer Packing Rockheights Middle School Snacks

Rainbow Kitchen is excited to announce a new joint program in partnership with Rockheights Middle School to bring nutritous and delicious food for all staff and students.

School Meal Program

Based on a Middle Years Development Student Survey that was done at Rockheights over 6 years ago, the data revealed that many more students than initially known were coming to school hungry. These identified students did not have breakfast, snacks or lunch. This gap was due to families being unable to provide or because the students were left to make their own lunches and, because they are middle school aged students, they simply were not doing so. Soon after this information was discovered, Rockheights created their own daily breakfast program at the school. Rainbow Kitchen jumped at the opportunity to support this program by providing regular deliveries of bread and packaged goods.

Fast forward to January, 2021 and Rainbow Kitchen is excited to announce a new pilot program taking place at Rockheights! After many discussions and behind-the-scenes legwork, Rockheights now has their very own “Rainbow Kitchen Fridge of Love”!

How it Works!

Three times a week a designated team of Rainbow Kitchen volunteers join forces to bake delicious muffins, assemble yogurt parfaits and other yummy treats to fill the ‘Fridge of Love’. The goods are transported to Rockheights. Students, staff or anyone else in need at Rockheights can visit the fridge to get themselves a snack anytime.

Rainbow Kitchen monitors the goods in the fridge to ensure freshness.

Kids enjoying snacks at Rainbow Kitchen

The Success

The ‘Fridge of Love’ has been such a massive hit that within the first three weeks of the program, Rainbow Kitchen doubled the program’s offerings to meet the increasing demand!

The quiet whisper about the food in the ‘Rainbow Fridge of Love’ spread quickly and I can guarantee that no student at Rockheights is hungry because they have an abundant source of nutrition!
Maryanne Trofimuk, Rockheights Middle School - Principal

The Future for the Program

Rainbow Kitchen has been blown away by the success of the program and is excited to hear that students and staff have full bellies. Rainbow Kitchen hopes to expand this pilot project over time to neighbouring schools in the district. The ultimate goal is to replicate the ‘Fridge of Love’ model in elementary, middle and high schools so that students will have steady access to nutritious food throughout their schooling.

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