Hungry for your Support

We thank our  volunteers for your  service but  you may be able  to help in other ways too! We have launched a number of creative fundraising campaigns we would love you to step up to the plate to help with.

Do you belong to an organization or congregation that could take the pledge and support Rainbow Kitchen?

Do you have children or grandchildren involved in Victoria area high schools?

Do you, or a company or organization you know want to sponsor a Special Holiday Meal

Have  you ever  wanted to be in a parade?

Thanks so much for helping our fundraising efforts. We are  100 percent volunteer driven and rely  on  the generosity of our  community to operate. Any and all donations are  very  gratefully accepted.

“For someone  who is out of work and really struggling to eat every day, the Rainbow  Kitchen is truly  a special place to not only get a great meal but to be served with  a smile by angels. The volunteers are so kind and treat you like family.  I don’t know  what I would  do if I didn’t come here. It keeps my hopes and spirit up.”